Our team of qualified for level II & III professionals, armed with advanced equipment for all kinds of traditional non-destructive testing is always ready to meet the highest expectations of our customers performing their work quickly, efficiently and safely.

Visual testing (VT)
- Visual and measuring inspection of the control object using optical devices and simple measuring tools.
- Visual inspection using specialized industrial video endoscopes (inspection of hard geometry objects and objects of direct access to which is excluded).

Ultrasonic testing and thickness gauging (UT & UTT)
- Detection of indications inside the controlled object.

Estimation of the wall thickness actual value.

Radiographic inspection (RT & DRT)
- Inspection with X-ray tubes and G-Ray projectors.
- Radiographic profile thickness measurement
- Digital radiography (using DR and CR technology)
- Radiography with enhanced safety for work in a small controlled area
- Digitization of radiographic film with the possibility of creating electronic archives.

Eddy Current Testing (EC)
- Electromagnetic testing of conductive test objects for indication and evaluation of surface and subsurface defects and measurement of coating thickness.

Express chemical analysis of metals and alloys (PMI)
- X-ray fluorescence analysis - spectrometric analysis of an control object to obtain its elemental composition.

Magnetic Tests (MT)
- Detection of surface, subsurface indications in ferromagnetic testing objects, using DC/AC electromagnets or permanent magnets and application of magnetic particles of dry, aerosol and fluorescent types.

Penetrant Testing (PT)
- Detection of surface, subsurface defects of the control object by penetration of liquids (penetrants) into defects and their contrast view.

Hardness testing (HT)
- Determination of the hardness characteristics of the test object by dynamic or ultrasonic method.

Leak Detection (Vacuum Bubble Method)
- Bubble method of leakage control using vacuum frames.

Electrospark control
- Continuity control of dielectric protective and insulating coatings on conductive bases of the test object.

Ferrites testing (FT)
- Determination of ferrite phase content in austenitic and duplex steels.

- Detection of vibrations of a surface or structure by converting the vibration energy into an electrical signal.