Materials Testing

Our laboratories are equipped with all the necessary equipment for quality control of construction materials in the areas of industrial, civil and infrastructure construction. Our experienced engineers and laboratory technicians ensure the high quality of the tests performed by mechanical and non-destructive methods.

  • Testing of inert materials (sand, crushed stone, sand and gravel mix, ballast, etc.)
  • Control of the main technological parameters of the concrete mixture at the site of concrete production
  • Selection and further control of the set of strength characteristics of concrete samples under normal storage conditions
  • Determination of strength of concrete specimens, concrete and reinforced concrete structures and products by mechanical and nondestructive testing methods
  • Control of basic technological parameters of building mixtures
  • Soil Testing (Radioisotope Method, Stamping Method, Cutting Ring Method, Well Method, California Number, Plasticity Index)
  • Brick and Stone Testing
  • Testing of Concrete (Wall Stone)
  • Testing of Cement (Portland Slag Cement, Portland Cement)
  • Testing Asphalt Concrete
  • Testing of hot-rolled steel for reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures
  • Testing of steel wire ropes
  • Testing of welded reinforcing and embedded products, welded reinforcing and embedded products of reinforced concrete structures