Head Office:

Address: 1/1 Nurmakova str.Almaty
Phone: +7 (727) 250-21-40


Director of the company

Esipenko Valery Ivanovich
Telephone: +7 (701) 588-31-70


Deputy Director

Volkov Sergey
Telephone: +7 (701) 222-80-33

Office in Aksai

Address: Building 99H, Prombaza, Aksai, Burlinsky district, West Kazakhstan region.

Karachaganak Field Laboratory

KPK station, KPO field, Aksai, Burlinsky District, West Kazakhstan Region.

Tengiz field laboratory

Address: Base of contractors site No. 11, Industrial base of TCO Tengiz field,  Zhylyoi district, Atyrau region.

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